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Established in September of 2017, the JIIT-OSA Student Chapter is Jaypee Institute of Information Technology’s only internationally recognised scientific body. We are a group of science enthusiasts that are hungry for impact. We conduct workshops on the latest skills in STEM, go for industry visits, compete in hackathons, do some research and attend international conferences.


We welcome anyone interested in science & technology. Our team is committed to being a community of equal access , free of discrimination, prejudice, or bias. Furthermore, our most valuable members range from people who were national science quiz champions in high school to people who had not written a single line of code until they joined the team. No previous scientific exposure or programming experience is required.


The JIIT-OSA Student Chapter is more than just a scientific community, it is a family . We train together, with general meetings, workshops, and industry visits. We learn and grow together, from learning new scientific phenomena to creating computer simulations. But we also hang out together, with team dinners and a yearly retreat. Our members have many opportunities to be involved beyond just workshops , including in the organization of our annual conference on Optics & Photonics held in the month of November, outreach events to NGOs and other colleges, and travel opportunities at international conferences.


We are a very young organisation and hence have a small alumni. Our seniors have gone on to pursue a variety of successes in their fields, including getting internships at Exicom Power Solutions, LG Electronics, NTPC, Tata Communications and Zomato. Our first batch of graduating members have been placed in Deloitte, Infosys, Cognizant and Tata Consultancy Services. Membership in the JIIT-OSA Student Chapter is for life.


Student Leadership Conference

(13th - 18th September 2019)

Manan Jain attended the SLC and FiO+LS Conference at Washington, DC
The Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science Conference and Exhibition sheds light on the latest advances in optics and photonics ranging from physics and chemistry to biology and medicine. FiO + LS provides attendees from around the world with the opportunity to network, present, learn and connect. With a focus on emerging trends, FiO + LS always provides attendees with a deep and cross-cutting look at both new technology and future opportunities.


Computational Physics

(2nd - 3rd September 2019)

Students who attended the workshop on Computational Physics were taught how to simulate a black hole on their computers. Attendees got a fair idea of how to write code in Javascript using p5.js library. The first day of the workshop revolved around the basics of computational thinking, algorithms and how computation has evolved into an indispensable pillar of the scientific method. The second day was about understanding one of the most fascinating breakthroughs in the history of science: capturing an image of a black hole and the algorithms used behind such a mammoth task.


Orientation for Freshmen

(5th August 2019)

The members of our student chapter organised an orientation session for the incoming freshmen students of our college. This was a special session aimed at explaining the everyday activities of our student chapter and the benefits of becoming an OSA member.


Zomato HQ Visit

(3rd August 2019)

In the quest to bridge the industry-academia divide, the members of our chapter went for an industry visit to Zomato HQ, Gurugram. Like always, this event added up as a great learning opportunity for the attendees. The theme of this huddle was iOS Development. Our members got a chance to learn about iOS and web applications design by industry professionals. The session was conducted by the speakers of Zomato, that included Aamir Anwar, the Site Reliability Engineer at Zomato, who is an alumnus of JIIT, Noida. This marks as an object of motivation for all of us, that if he can do it, we can do wonders too! All we need is to believe in the self.


International Day of Light

(16th May 2019)

International Day of Light is a global initiative highlighting the importance of light and light-based technologies. Our student chapter has been supporting local events of various communities through participation in stimulating activities and this was one of them. The extravaganza at IIT-Delhi was graced by the esteemed presence of Professor Ajoy Ghatak from the National Academy of Sciences. He is an Indian physicist and author of numerous research papers and books. Brainstorming, quizzes and project presentations were held to test the basic science and general knowledge of the students. The events were vibrant, active and engaging.


Poster Presentation Competition

(21st April 2019)

We organised a Scientific Poster Presentation Competition during the Annual Technical Festival of our college. The theme of the competition was "IT for Sustainability". Members from the chapter did a good job in presenting the informative posters. The attendees were immersed in an innovative environment, which introduced new and ground-breaking insights. The comprehensive meeting included opportunities to network with people having similar interests. Divyansh Jain and Utkarsh Kapoor won the 2nd prize and Janhavi Joshi bagged the special mention award. Both the teams presented their posters on Quantum Computing.


Scientific Poster Design

(10th April 2019)

Attendees of the workshop were taught about the scientific research methodology and the steps to make a good scientific poster. They were also taught about the differences between a research poster and a paper. The use of Adobe Photoshop as a design tool and the insights to make good infographics were also taught.



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